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Research > Research Day at Beaumont features work done by staff and residents

Research Day at Beaumont features work done by staff and residents

William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) Research Day was held May 16. It featured nine research presentations and 11 poster presentations all demonstrating research pursued by staff and residents at WBAMC.  Breakthrough technology for orthopaedic surgeons and a study on leg injuries that shows a significant correlation to lower extremity disabilities in the military were two of the award-winning projects recognized during the event.  According to a WBAMC press release, a majority of orthopaedic surgeries occur on older patients in civilian healthcare, which means civilian medical research may not be applicable to the younger demographics of military orthopaedic patients. The active duty military represents a young and high-demand population, and accordingly, the military operates as a model for a closed American healthcare system. 

“Military medicine system still has many untapped resources that can be used to facilitate research,” said Maj. Andrew Schoenfeld, keynote speaker at Research Day.

Podium presentations were facilitated by 1st Cpt. Brian Waterman and poster presentations where facilitated by 1st Cpt. Andrew Cleveland III.  Cpt. Waterman was chosen as Resident Investigator of the Year.  Maj. Schoenfeld was chosen as Staff/Faculty Investigator of the Year.


Pictured is Cpt. Waterman, left, and Col. Bruce Adams, former deputy commander of clinical services at WBAMC.

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